Monetary gifts to Scioto County Habitat for Humanity can be designated for a specific part of a house. Ranging from drywall screws to a heating system, items you can sponsor include: Windows $125 ea.; Electric Box & Cover $70; Roofing $1,000; Roof Guttering $400; Siding $1,400; Plumbing $2,500; Flooring $1,000; Drywall & Insulation $2,300; Cabinets $1,000; Paint $20 per gal.; Ceiling Light Fixture $15; Ceiling Fan $50; Carpet & Padding $500; Porch Steps $300 and Porch Light $10.If you are interested in contributing items or sponsorship and wish to be contacted, call (740) 353-4993, please leave a message; or go to our DONATE page or Contact Us online! We are always looking for volunteers to deliver snacks/drinks to our volunteers on site or even make sandwiches, a pot of soup, bake lasagna, etc!



Click Here To Donate your Vehicle




Do you have an older car, truck, van, trailer, RV or boat taking up valuable space in your driveway?

Car donations support Habitat for Humanity’s local and global mission of eliminating poverty housing and homelessness and save you the time and energy of finding a buyer.
By donating a car to our vehicle donation program, you can help Scioto County Habitat for Humanity build houses in partnership with families in need of a hand up, not a hand out. Your donated vehicle will help us finish the home in Portsmouth.
It is quick and easy to donate automobiles, trucks, boats, RV’s, motorcycles, construction equipment and other vehicles ~ running or not! Plus, you may be eligible for a tax deduction. (Consult your tax advisor or the IRS for details.)

For more information on how to donate a car, truck, boat or RV to Cars for Homes™ - Habitat’s official car donation program, call (877) 277-4344toll free or visit  A car donation is a convenient way to support Scioto County Habitat for Humanity and create more space in your driveway!



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